About the Author

Paul Scoones is a writer with a particular interest in the long-running BBC television programme Doctor Who.

He was born in London, England in 1968 and moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 1973. His earliest memory of Doctor Who is from March 1975 when Jon Pertwee’s Doctor made his New Zealand television debut in the first episode of Spearhead from Space. He became completely hooked on the series five years later when he started collecting the Target novelisations.

He is the author of The Comic Strip Companion, a planned series of books covering the history of Doctor Who in comic strips. The first volume, covering 1964-1979, was published in 2012. The second volume, covering 1979-1990, is currently in preparation.

Paul researched and wrote the production info text subtitles for eight Doctor Who DVDs for BBC Worldwide. These include: The Awakening, Frontios, Resurrection of the Daleks (Special Edition), Planet of Fire, The Caves of Androzani (Special Edition), Vengeance on Varos (Special Edition), Dragonfire, and Scream of the Shalka.

Paul created and edited the internationally-acclaimed fanzine TSV (Time Space Visualiser). Founded in June 1987, Paul edited the first six issues of TSV before passing it on to the newly-formed New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club the following year. Paul resumed editing TSV with issue 21 in January 1991. His tenure as editor lasted fourteen years, ending in January 2005 with the publication of the 70th issue. He subsequently served as Associate Editor until TSV’s 76th and final issue was published in March 2009. Paul also produced a number of other TSV publications, including several fan novelisations. As editor of TSV, Paul was a recipient of the Sir Julius Vogel Award and the New Zealand National Science Fiction Award for the fanzine. He also served as president of the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club for many years.

Paul’s writing has appeared in Doctor Who MagazineIn-VisionNothing at the End of the LaneBehind the Sofa, Shooty Dog ThingThe HandbookTalkback, Farewell Great Macedon, and The Prison in Space.

He has proofread and fact-checked a number of publications, including The Television Companion, Love and Monsters: The Doctor Who Experience 1979 to the Present, Doctor Who: Nemesis of the Daleks graphic novel, The Target Book and Vworp Vworp.

He has been interviewed on BBC Radio 4, Radio Live, Prime TV, and appears in the special features on several Doctor Who DVDs.

In 1999 Paul helped recover a missing 1965 Doctor Who episode, The Crusade part one: ‘The Lion’. He negotiated and handled the 16mm film print’s safe return to the BBC.

Paul has worked as a website content editor for leading book and appliance retail brands, managed customer service teams for several companies, and managed an online store. He currently helps his wife Rochelle with the running of Retrospace, a science fiction collectibles shop based in Takapuna, Auckland.

Paul’s qualifications include a BA in History from the University of Auckland and a Diploma of Teaching.