Reviews and Views (1964-1979)

“Excellent book … Thanks for all the thoroughness. It’s an amazing piece of work of entertainment history. I hope it sells well for you and captures the imagination of all the millions of Dr.Who fans all over the World.”
– Roger Noel Cook (writer of the Doctor Who strip in TV Comic, 1966-70).

“Combining what has gone before with both a fresh eye and a rich selection of period documentation, this is a long-standing gap in the publishing market that has now been plugged admirably by this entertaining offering.”
– Andrew Pixley (Doctor Who Magazine review)

“This book has been a long time coming and a superb reference book.”
– GF Willmetts (SF Crowsnest)

“… extraordinary and impressive … finally provides an exhaustive analysis of a rather large piece of Doctor Who history which has gone unrecorded for far too long.”
– Paul Mount (Starburst Magazine)

“Paul Scoones’s 600-page tome goes into more detail than ever before”
– Richard McGinlay (sci-fi-online)

“The Comic Strip Companion plugs one of the few glaring gaps in Doctor Who scholarship”
– Ian Berriman (SFX Magazine)

“… this book, covering 15 years across 600 pages, is nothing short of miraculous. With painstaking research, Paul Scoones details every Doctor, Dalek and related strip that graced the printed page from the show’s inception to the height of Fourth Doctor mania.”
– Stephen Elsden (SciFind)

“… a magnificently researched volume. 600 pages of solid factual material relating to not only TV Comic, but also the Dalek strips in TV Century 21, the Doctor Who Annuals from World Distributors and the various Dalek Books.”
– Steve (Bear Alley)

“… you have to admire the dedication and love of the subject that the author undoubtedly has … The book is saved from being a dry compilation of facts and figures by the extras that Scoones has discovered, including a load of paperwork from the BBC archives … this is a fascinating glimpse at an often-overlooked part of the Doctor Who story.”
– Paul Simpson (Sci-Fi Bulletin)

“… an invaluable guide to the first fifteen years of the Doctor’s many and strange adventures in the world of the comic strip.”
– D. Smith (Amazon)

“… very entertaining and enlightening”
– Allan Harvey (Amazon)

“… the author really knows his stuff, this is more than a collection of story summaries … it helps to challenge the view that the TV Comic strips are a poor collection of stories that do not deserve a second airing.”
– S. Simmons (Amazon)

“This really is a book for completists, in that it’s difficult to imagine anyone other than the diehard Who fan wanting to get hold of it, but it is equally difficult to imagine that diehard fan being anything other than tremendously happy with it.”
– Nicholas Whyte (From the Heart of Europe)

“If any stripping fan is still debating whether to get it or not, this book really is full of interesting and informative stuff about the earliest strips, and horrendous amounts of info that you’ll not have heard before due to Paul’s extensive research.”
– Quaffer Quark (Gallifrey Base)

“I’ve always longed for an in depth analysis study of the strips to go with the collection and here it is at long last and it was everything that I hoped it would be.”
– Red Ripper (Gallifrey Base)

“Congratulations Paul on a splendid piece of work! We Doctor Who fans are so well served with some splendid publications on minority subjects.”
– Richard Bignell (Gallifrey Base)

“What a fantastic book! I’m amazed that you managed to dredge up so much new information on these strips that have received almost no attention for forty-odd years. It also does a very good job of covering stories which I’ve never read.”
– Ssarl (Gallifrey Base)

“I was delighted with this book… The book has a crisp, lucid style, judiciously highlighting points of interest. It impressively fills what had been a gap in the library of Doctor Who reference works.”
– Greyhound Leader (Gallifrey Base)

“Really enjoying this, it’s a treasure trove of information, just as I hoped it would be. Brilliant stuff Paul, brilliant!”
– Andora (Gallifrey Base)

“… this is an excellent book which has brought back many fine memories. It’s clear that an immense amount of work has gone into it.”
– Sean Marsh (Gallifrey Base)

“Well done to everyone involved and thanks for putting in so much hard work into it. As both a Doctor Who and comics fan, I can’t tell you how much enjoyment this book is giving me.”
– Willy Phantom (Gallifrey Base)

“Great stuff … the background information about the creation of the strips, the copyright issues and licensing agreements is fascinating.”
– Andrew Kearley (Gallifrey Base)

“It really is a thing of beauty, one of the best Who books Telos, or anyone, has produced yet. The attention to detail is really satisfying … the behind-the-scenes stories are adding so much more. Triumphant!”
– RummyCub (Gallifrey Base)

“The research and behind-the-scenes information so far in this book has been breath-taking. Absolutely love it!”
– Planet Klibignaitis (Gallifrey Base)