The Comic Strip Companion

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The Comic Strip Companion is a series of guide books, written by Paul Scoones, charting the chronological history of Doctor Who in comics.

The first volume, covering 1964-1979, was published by Telos Publishing Ltd in 2012.

The second volume, covering 1979-1990, is currently in progress.

Paul Scoones has worked as a freelance contributor for BBC Worldwide, researching and writing production information text for the Doctor Who DVD range. He has appeared as an interview subject on several DVDs, discussing Doctor Who comics.  He is the former editor and publisher of Time Space Visualiser, an award-winning fan journal. He helped discover and successfully arranged the return of a lost Doctor Who film print to the BBC.

Cover images (L-R): First volume 2012 paperback edition; first volume 2012 limited edition hardback (special commission by original comic artist Bill Mevin); second volume paperback edition (proposed draft version).